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Icelandic Christmas Cat

Here’s another little painting I made over Christmas. It’s a depiction of the fearsome “Jolakotturinn”, an Icelandic Christmas Cat. Tradition tells of a monstrous feline which hunts down any human that fails to receive and wear a new piece of clothing for Christmas.



Beautiful Pigeon

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I was lucky enough to have my time filled with family and a vacation from the internet. While I didn’t log on, I did finish a few more paintings. AND thanks to all of you wonderful people, I was able to raise enough to purchase Heifer International’s Send a Girl to School Package!!!


Thank you friends! I can’t tell you how motivating it was to think that a little bit of my work and time could make an education possible for someone who wouldn’t have a chance otherwise. I’m so grateful to all of you who offered words of encouragement and purchased paintings. I hope those given as gifts were well received. I’m also hoping HI will give me some more info on my donation, like where the girl lives that will receive the $. I’ll try to share any updates I receive.

There are still a few orders that I will be finishing up in the next couple days, so stay tuned for more paintings.

And speaking of words of encouragement, here’s another two paintings, one big and one little. As I finished painting the big one Aaron came into the room and said, Wow, those colors look great! That’s a really beautiful pigeon! Only problem is that it’s not a pigeon. It’s a California Valley Quail 😦


And another little quail in the bushes of Starbucks, a common hang out spot. Don’t they always seem like they’ve had a few cups too many?


The kids have been watching my painting and have made a few critiques and requests of their own. Miri is demanding a black horse and whale painting for her room. Reuben has started trying to charge me for all his own art work.