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Self-portrait on Blue


Lately this is what I look like when I’m painting/drawing. Can I tell you how much I love my sweater slippers? It’s a struggle to make myself take them off when I climb into bed at night. Also, I think I’m starting to look pregnant. I tried to be accurate, but in my head I feel more like one of those prehistoric venus figurines.

I’ve been feeling pretty blue about my work. I feel stuck on a plateau that is ugly. UGLY. I need a break through. I devoutly believe the best way to get better at anything is to DO it. Sitting around feeling bad about nothing looking good isn’t going to get me out of my funk or make me any better right? So enough of this pity party.

I think I might try out the 30 day drawing challenge that’s been floating around the internet. If I do it, this would be #1 – self portrait.