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Halloween Haul

Happy Halloween!

The kids insisted I should have a costume for trick or treating, but I refused Miriam’s pumpkin suggestion. Instead I used the left over scraps of bed sheet to become a suffragette. Miriam helped me make the banner.

I added my pea coat and a hat and was set. It was easy and warm and fun and something I actually liked being. I think it might be the perfect costume.

I stole the idea from A’s cousin Tona who is a history professor. Her costume was also homemade but doesn’t look it.

I think this is the best couple costume ever.

The kids wore their ghosts costumes. Earlier in the day I let Reuben paint his costume with whatever colors and glitter he wanted. I told the kids that before I took them trick or treating they had to give me a good picture. They tried hard, smiling and posing, but neither could stop rocking back and forth and bouncing up and down with excitement. M also decided she wanted to bring along her cats so I guess she was the ghost of some poor deceased crazy cat lady.


Halloween night I unwisely told R that I would go trick or treating with him as long as he wanted, banking on the fact that he had no nap and is only three years old. We started a little after 6 and he was still going strong at 8. I had to rein him in around 8:30 and explain that most people had turned off their porch lights because they were out of candy. Being out so late did make it possible for Aaron to get off the metro and join us for the last few minutes. He claims he was the scariest looking figure on the street – a Republican lawyer- I think most of our neighbors would agree.

We went home and the kids sorted their loot.



Miriam and the Great Pumpkin



What you are about to see is a true story. I took M to Target a day or so ago and this is what happened.



OH Miriam. She really did laugh for like five minutes. That kid loves messing with my head.

IF Mirror


The Illustration Friday prompt for last week was “mirror.” I figured it’s hard to fix or even know when you are having a bad hair day when you can’t see your reflection. Poor Vampires.

I drew this while watching the VP debate. I think Mitt Romney’s hair snuck into the picture. His hair is always perfect so while he might be a lot of things, I don’t think he’s a vampire.