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Thank You Library: Election


Happy Election Day. We are lucky enough to have our voting station in walking distance so we went down as a family and stood in line and voted. I really love seeing everyone in the community come out to do their civic duty. It was fun to remember the last presidential election. R was born three days after I cast that ballot. A lot has changed in four years.

On the subject of elections, we checked out the book “Grace For President” a few weeks ago. The book tells a story of a girl who is outraged to learn America has not yet elected a female president. She immediately launches her own political career by running for class president. Her campaign involves a lot of community service, debate, and strategic lobbying of her classmates, not all of whom are created equal. For some reason each student is allocated the electoral votes of a certain state, so some kids’ votes are worth 3 while others are worth 55. I guess it gives kids a good view of the mixed up process.

M fell in love with the story. She carried the book from room to room and dragged it along on car rides. We read it at least four times a day. After renewing it three times, I let her know we needed to return it to the library. Miriam took strategic actions of her own. When I came to collect her and the book, I found her sitting on her bed. I asked her where her book was. She replied that she’d hidden it. I searched all over and couldn’t find the book. We ended up having to renew it again. Eventually it was located and we returned it. M immediately relocated another copy on the library shelf and demanded we check it out.

Miriam continues in her support of female candidates. This morning as we walked to the polls, Miriam again confirmed her endorsement of “Princess Leia with the robots” for President of the United States of America.