Winter Spring


On March 20th we all gathered to celebrate the spring equinox, all of us that is, but spring itself. So we are hanging out in winter-spring. There are some benefits. We have the park all to ourselves. We don’t have to worry about sharing the swings.



I decided if spring won’t come to us, we’ll make our own. The kids and I started seeds so inside our house is looking pretty verdant. Almost every sunlit table area, counter top, and bookshelf has a seed tray. It’s a little out of control, but in a fun mad scientist kind of way.


To counteract the bleak white grey weather, we’ve fabricated our own rainbows. Miriam has gone on a rainbow drawing spree. And the kids leapt at a chance to make their own color wheels. They did a pretty good job considering I started them out with just red, yellow, and blue.



Stuck inside, Miriam and I sorted out the broken crayons and made rainbow blocks for Gideon. All the little crayon bits melt into one giant crayon but not one uses them to color. Instead Miriam loves to employ them as chairs for her little animals and Gideon carries them everywhere and stacks them into towers.


We hung out with the master Gardeners at the Maryland extension vegetable gardening open house. Reuben rolled around on the floor and let everyone know he was dying of boredom, but Miriam and I had a nice visit with people who like to eat a lot of plants and store seeds and compost.


And on yet another sleet filled day, we cut out all the colorful things we liked and collaged our notebooks.


And as my life is often truly weird, I manageded to stumble onto some poison ivy vines and got a wicked reaction. I will not gore you with the seeping bleeding blisters, but I will show you my leper bandaged arm. I had to change it a lot because of the seepage. That’s what the weird spot is – seepage. It was a good reminder, that while I am eager for the growing season to begin, not every plant is my friend.



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