Baby It’s Cold Outside

Winter arrived. Monday evening we stopped on our walk home from the park to watch the sky shimmer and glow golden and fiery.





We woke the next morning to a thick blanket of snow clouds hanging over us. When tiny flakes started fluttering down we started suiting up. By the time all three kids were stuffed into snow suits, there was a solid foot of snow covering the town. Kids freshly dressed in snow clothes remind me of seals hauled out on the beach – grumpy and obesely immobile- the best thing to do is keep your distance so they don’t bite or charge you.


We are lucky to live a short walk in the woods from a perfect sledding hill. Since the snow and cold weather hung around all week, we’ve had a chance to perfect traditional winter pursuits like sledding, snow angeling, tracking, and mitten losing.




We even tried dog sledding with Manti, the giant poodle. They got going really fast, so fast I was expecting serious injury when they tried to stop. But that’s the beauty of snow, it’s fast but a nice soft place to crash.



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