Eight Months

Gideon is growing up fast. He turned seven …and eight months old. He’s a fun kid.

He seems to eat his own weight in food at every meal, inhaling everything we put near. Except bread which he disdainfully drops on the floor. I handed him an apple the other day, when I looked back he’d reduced the apple to half a core and I had to fish the seeds out if his mouth. Those teeth are sharp.

He can clap his hands, wave, sign more and All done! When greatly up set he will yell Mama! He also says a very sweet hi. He’s started scooting around which he mostly employs to crawl back into my arms so he can watch the crazy big kids at a safe distance.


He loves being part of the action and especially adores Miriam. Probably because she loves to get in his face and babble. I think she appreciates having a person in the family that will listen to her chatter on and on. She calls him Mr Bubba and Bubby.

He loves Reuben too and likes watching Reuben throw and shoot a ball, something Reuben does for large chunks of each day.

He’s a determined little person that seems very sure about what he wants and no matter what the rest of us do will find a way to get it (for example, the kids Halloween candy)


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