Vader Miri

Last week I was feeling ready to have the baby. Then Miri got sick which led to the rest of us getting sick. We’ve been up at night and dragging through the days with fevers, sore throats, shakes, coughs, and a good amount of throwing up. Everyone’s breathing is labored and awful, as Reuben observed, “Miriam sounds like Darth Vader.”
She looked like Vader too when a kind friend lent us a nebulizer.
Reuben was consumed with jealousy and demanded equal “Vader” time.


My near constant contractions shut down completely. So I’m over due which I didn’t expect but grateful because I think it’d be hard to give birth when I can’t breathe.

But by Saturday, we had been stuck together in our sick house for too long. While I wanted to hike, I knew nobody’s sick lungs could handle the winter air. So we ran around the museums instead.

Aaron had to work so we left him in a wi-fi spot and enjoyed the American Indian Museum. The AIM has created a really wonderful discovery play room. We spent almost two hours there. Here’s Miri listening to marsh animal sounds.

Reuben enjoyed the music room. It has a half dozen drums to play and a good dozen rattles to shake.

At first Miri was not a fan of R’s “music” but then she got into the action.



Then we built and played in an igloo. Constructing that igloo was no easy task. It only took me, two other parents, and about ten kids working together to build it.


The kids were getting tired but instead of going home I dragged everyone to the art museum. The kids loved it.

Actually they were really great. Each quietly passed out from exhaustion so I could enjoy the galleries. It was a great visit.

4 thoughts on “Vader Miri

  1. Jennifer Meldau

    I am glad you could get out. Yay for the wonderful museums. I guess there were not too many tourists there on a cold, rainy February day!

  2. Joan

    Sorry about everyone being sick. Yuk! Your excursion sounded fun (as they always do). The last kids-exhausted picture is quite a shot. Glad to hear how things are going with the baby, or should I say with no baby yet. We are so spoiled with your blog posts that when we haven’t heard any thing for a few days, I really wonder what’s up. Thanks for sharing your day!

  3. Rebecca

    We’ve been sick at our house too. I’m really glad you didn’t go into labor with a sick house. Hopefully everyone is healthy by the time you get home. Can’t wait to see more pictures of your newest!


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