Tipping Point

Miri was up all night with a bad cough and fever. Being the dutiful parents we are, first thing this morning we took her to the Dr. on a snowy hike in the 28* weather.

It was a laid back stroll around Roosevelt Island, one of the kids’ favorite places. Due to the early hour and temperature it was just us and a couple hard core marathoner types. I guess that makes us the hard core Sunday stroll types.

20130203-120227.jpgThe kids had fun making tracks in the snow and trying to make snowballs. The snow is so light and powdery it didn’t work too well but everyone still had fun.

On the drive back our negligent parenting was rewarded when Miri puked in the car. Back at the house she threw up three more times within the hour, inspiring the cat who then threw up all over the couch.

I think life is trying to help convince me that giving birth to the baby is easier than hanging around here pregnant. The current omnipresent scent of vomit is definitely moving me towards the tipping point.


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