Hungry hungry hippo

I’m having so many contractions now its hard to do much else. But the kids don’t really care, for them it’s life as usual.

I miss being able to focus on my work. The pain is a horrible distraction. But I’m going crazy not working.

Consequently at our usual crayon drawing time I made up a game where I drew a hungry animal, mouth open, for the kids to “feed” by drawing in the food they’d give the animal. According to them hippos really like eating giant blueberries and leopards eat green lasers.

The kids got tired of the game a lot sooner than I did.



4 thoughts on “Hungry hungry hippo

  1. bec

    your crayon skills are really impressive. Does your zoo do an art show? Because if they do you should enter something. If they don’t, you should send something to the Hogle Zoo with me 🙂


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