Glue puzzles

During the recent string of rainy days, I made up an activity Reuben calls “glue puzzles.”

I cut out a bunch of simple shapes that I arrange in a picture. I put up my picture in front of Reuben and set him up with his own paper, glue, and all the shapes and some extras. Then I sit next to him and work on my own stuff. It is totally up to him to decide how or if he wants to duplicate the picture. I don’t coach him. I answer questions but truthfully I think his own deviations are hilarious.

He and Miri have come up with some pretty funny pictures. Here’s a turkey glue puzzle we did yesterday.

The “guide” picture by me is on the left, R’s is in the middle, M’s is on the right. I think R’s turkey was hit by a truck. Every time I look at it I laugh.
Believe it or not, Miri was very deliberate about each of her shape’s placement. She clearly has the most modern approach to her artistic endeavors.

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