On Saturday A had to work so I let the kids decide where they wanted to spend the day. They picked “the Dino museum.”

R has been on a rocks, gems, and gold kick so we spent a lot of time in the geology and jewel wing.

He let me know which rocks he would accept as birthday presents. I’m thinking he’s going to be pretty disappointed since his birthday requests include: a French horn, solid chunks of gold, a wide selection of rare gems, some diamonds, a skull carved from black rock, coins, “treasure,” a taxidermied whale to hang in his bedroom (also seen at the museum), a puppy, a gymnastics gym of his own, and legos. He might get a box of Legos.
Anyway, he was very excited to learn that precious metal can be dug right out of the ground. I foresee a lot of muddy holes in the backyard in the near future.


We also spent a good amount of time in the prehistoric mammal hall. We all love this mural. R liked it so much he asked me to take a picture so he could still look at it when we left.

20121104-131349.jpgSo I did.

20121104-131400.jpgMiri wanted to visit the animal hall. The whole trip she worked hard to maintain a ten feet distance from me. It’s like she’s already 14.

20121104-131631.jpgShe’s also insanely fast and adept at dodging through crowds. She would make a killer pickpocket.

We walked around outside, visiting the sculpture garden and chasing pigeons. Reuben took every opportunity to dance and sing in public. That kid lives to dance.

While I fail to appreciate his constant musical performances some tourists snapped pictures and he even got some applause.

3 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Jennifer Meldau

    That sounds like a fun trip. I wish Barbara and I could have been along. The adult to child ratio would have been better, right?


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