Basement Bailing

The worst of Hurricane Sandy hit us in the dark of night. From what I hear we were spared compared to our Northern neighbors who are battling feet of flooding. My heart goes out to them.

Our leaky basement took on several inches of dirty water. I started sopping up the creeping tide around noon yesterday and we were able to keep it contained to the edges of the rooms. We were grateful to have a shop vac, several large fans, and a drier on hand. Once we lost power, around 10, the real dirty work began. Aaron took the worst shift, from about 3-6am, using our small battery powered camping lantern to see. The water was threatening Aaron’s beloved books so he put up a good fight.

In case you are curious, I was proud of the containment system I devised. I curled up some big towels and lined out a perimeter. Then I used smaller rags to soak up the water in the interior which I wrung out in a bucket to dump. I moved the perimeter back or closer in to the wall depending on how quickly the water was coming in.
This is how close I have been able to push it in now. At the high water point it was about four feet back from the wall.

I was grateful to have my rain boots to wear while I worked. They are one of the best purchases I have ever made.


3 thoughts on “Basement Bailing

  1. Jennifer Meldau

    We got to bail our basement tonight. Our washing machine decided to die while we were at the temple. It just kept filling and filling….until the basement was covered in more than 5 inches of water. what a mess.


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