Halloween Costumes

There is only one time of year when I wish I could sew, Halloween time. But I can’t.
Thankfully the kids decided they wanted to be ghosts for Halloween. Ghost costumes only require an old sheet and scissors and luckily I had both on hand.
Reuben was thrilled with his ghost costume. He has put it on to play every day since I made it. He likes to swirl it around and jump off things while howling out booooohoooo!



I made Miri a ghost costume too but she preferred to pull her rainbow blanket over her head to do her haunting.

We attended a church Halloween party last night. While R proudly donned his ghost costume which is now more than a little frayed, M refused to let her ghost costume near, let alone put it on. So we dug out her birthday crown.

Right before the party she took a bad tumble on rough asphalt, scraping off most of the skin on her nose and upper lip. An ugly purple goose egg started to swell up on her forehead. So she went as a zombie queen. Or I think she might be a comic-con attendee. She was wearing a star wars t-shirt, had a fantasy inspired crown, and the zombie-elf face. I found her very cute.


3 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes

  1. Joan

    Looks like fun costumes are making for fun times. How different from when they are little and can’t yet express opinions about what they are wearing. I’m remembering the penguin.


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