Fox Hollow Trail at Dickey Ridge

When we lived in Charlottesville and the peak of the leaf season rolled around, we would head south to hike to avoid “those DC people.” Today as we sat in a long line of traffic at the park entrance, we had to recognize that we have joined rank among “those DC people.” Nothing like escaping into nature with a few thousand others.
Still, it was beautiful and festive and much more fun than staying home and cleaning the basement.

We checked into the Dickey Ridge visitor center and just missed the ranger talk on bears. Sad. But we picked up a good map and headed into the woods.



I’ll be honest, today was not our best day. Ah, the joys of quality family time, everyone gets to take a turn melting down.




Since morale was low we staid on the short Fox Hollow Trail.


My tree hugger.
Tree climbing helped improve moods.

The leaves were beautiful.



On the way home we stopped at the Apple House for some fresh, warm apple cider doughnuts.


I’m pretty sure we consumed more calories than we burned. All’s well that ends well and I can’t think of many endings better than apple cider doughnuts.


3 thoughts on “Fox Hollow Trail at Dickey Ridge

  1. Jennifer Meldau

    It looks like it was a beautiful day. Even if the kids didn’t appreciate it, you got to have some time away together in a beautiful place. Sometimes it was the food is that kept Robby going on hikes. Those doughnuts look yummy!


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