13,000 years of listening

A few months ago I bought and downloaded the audiobook “The History of the World in 100 Objects.” Thankfully, it came with a PDF so I could see pictures of all 100 objects and didn’t have to try to imagine them.

When I got the book, I expected a nice art history refresher, but I was continually surprised by how much a cup or drum or piece of fabric could communicate a sense of the time, place, values, and humanity of its creators. The whole program made me rethink what it means to be human and how integral creation or “art” is to our experience.

I was doing a little research a few days ago and I stumbled upon THIS site. Turns out the whole book was a series created for BBC radio by the British Museum’s curator and you can listen to each program for FREE, with pictures.

This first program starts with a swimming reindeer sculpture carved 13,000 years ago. 13,000 years!!

The opening music is a little weird and it got stuck in my head in a really annoying way, but it’s still a great listen.


3 thoughts on “13,000 years of listening

  1. Michelle

    Dave had me read this two years ago so we have the hard copy if you ever need it. Some of the pieces were utterly fascinating!


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