DC’s Best of Times and Worst of Times

Yesterday the kids and I experienced one of those quintessential DC experiences in which a 45 minute trip on the beltway morphed into an agonizing 2 hours and 45 minutes. We traveled less than 100 feet in an hour and a half. To add insult to injury, I had foolishly cleaned out our CD stash and NPR is running its pledge drive. It was raining, the sky darkening, tempers flaring, and traffic was at a stand still. I’m pretty sure I was in first world hell. Can you think of anything worse than being stuck in your car listening to your hungry kids scream and NPR nerds trying to make jokes?

I woke up this morning trying to decide which Amish hamlet to move to. (No cars with the Amish). I’d had it with this metropolitan area. After dropping R off at preschool, M and I walked Aaron to the metro. As I kissed A goodbye I muttered that I wished I was heading into the city. A stopped and said, why don’t you? And I started to explain how I had to clean the house since nobody has done anything on it for days…
At that point I stopped talking and pulled my metro card out of my wallet.

So Miri and I spent the beautiful fall morning on the mall.
It was a little chilly when we came out of the metro.

It was warmer in the sunlight of the mall.


M saw a few runners jog by and decided she’d give it a try.


When I caught up to her she offered to let me throw some gravel with her. She was trying to lure some pigeons our way. Pigeons are dumb but these pigeons weren’t that dumb.



The Capitol


The Smithsonian Castle and The Washington Memorial


The trick to our visit was that we needed to be back home in time for R’s 11:45 return from preschool. The museums don’t open til 10, but I still wanted to do a quick walk through the National Gallery.


Outside the museum, M had fun scaling the dried out fountain. She also managed to scrounge up a few leftover pennies. We threw them into the inside fountain.


M’s favorite part of our trip was summoning the elevators.



We sped through the galleries. So on my morning walk I got to see works by Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Vermeer, David, Cassatt, van Gogh, Degas and so many more for free. Oh yeah, I love this place.

And for anyone who was concerned, we did make it home in time to meet R.

3 thoughts on “DC’s Best of Times and Worst of Times

  1. Joan

    You capture the contrast well. Urban living means the excitement of always having something interesting to see and do but also the angst of always being in someone’s way or they in yours.

  2. Jennifer

    You made some memories. Houses will never be as clean as we wish. But remembering the day when you ditched responsibility and enjoyed a crisp fall morning with your toddler daughter walking through a world class museums viewing priceless works of art? Unforgettable!


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