Hearing a Hobbit

I have mentioned a few times how much we all loved listening to the audiobook of The Hobbit narrated by Rob Inglis. When I checked it out from the library I had very little hope that I could convince the kids to put up with me listening every once in awhile, but both kids were hooked.  As soon as we climbed into the car Miriam would shout “I want the Bilbo Story!” I think a lot of the credit goes to Inglis’s wonderful performance.

Starting today, Audible has this version available for download along with all the books in The Lord of The Rings. That’s 65 hours and 17 minutes of literary audio goodness. You can click here to listen to a sample of The Hobbit.

Over the years, I’ve learned I can work faster and longer on paintings when I have an audiobook I’m into. It’s also a pretty sweet consolation to being caught DC traffic. So a good audiobook really improves my quality of life.

One thought on “Hearing a Hobbit

  1. Jennifer

    That’s how I have felt lately. I look forward to being stuck in the car because it means more time listening to my story. I think I am near the end of Caliban’s war, though. So scary!


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