Small Victory

I had a small victory yesterday.

A little while back I picked up a kid’s bike seat that a neighbor had put out on the curb with the trash. The problem was that it was attached to a neglected man-bike too big for me to ride. As tall as I like to think I am, I am not tall enough for man-bikes.

Yesterday, with the “help” of both kids, two sets of socket wrenches, a lot of angry muttering, and a good amount of WD-40, I got the seat off the old bike and attached to mine. Now Miri and I can go on bike rides together! She’s thrilled.
(Not really. If you can’t tell this is Miri’s angry glare face.)


2 thoughts on “Small Victory

  1. bec

    oh that is awesome and Miri’s face is so funny. It makes me think what great friends she would be with Shelbs since she loves making that face


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