This Monday morning felt very Monday to me. I have the thankless job of getting folks out of bed and everyone was clear that they were not happy to see me. The day has remained grey and chilly, and everyone’s moods match.

Days like these need a laugh. So I thought I’d share a little web comic that’s been making me laugh. When I say it makes me laugh, it’s so funny that I read it and laugh, then throughout the day I randomly remember parts and start laughing all over again. While it makes me look crazy, it’s totally worth it. It follows the adventures of evil Lord Ballister Blackheart who takes on an sidekick/intern, Nimona, a shape shifter who is excellent at mayhem but bad at following the game plan.

So go read NIMONA by  Noelle Stevenson and you can laugh and look crazy like me. Click here to read it.  It updates every Tuesday and Thursday.

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