Banshee Reeks

We woke up to a chilly rain this morning. I decided it was perfect weather for an apple cider doughnut. So while M and Aaron slept, R, the early riser, and I made this apple cider doughnut cake. It was seriously delicious. Here’s the recipe.


Then we pulled on rain coats and headed out to Banshee Reeks in Loudon County. According to the park’s website, the land used to be owned and farmed by a Scotch-Irish farmer. He claimed a banshee wandered the hills and dales of his land. Such a spooky locale seemed seasonally appropriate. But when we got there I saw something much scarier than a banshee.


The sign greeting us at the visitor center reads “hunter orientation.” There’s nothing like wandering around the same woods as a bunch of amateur hunters. But luckily they seemed to stay inside while we headed onto the trail.

The soggy autumn meadow we walked through was gorgeous. Even with the low hanging grey clouds, we enjoyed a view that stretched to the rolling blue ridge. The gothic romantic in me could easily picture a lost lady ghost howling on one of the ridges.


We walked into the trees and the kids enjoyed swinging on an old vine. There were some rock outcroppings that would make fun climbing when not slippery with rain.



The trail curved down to Goose Creek. The creek is what any Westerner would call a river. Here on the East Coast it’s just a creek. Anyway, the water was clear and fast running and speckled with brightly colored leaves. It was so pretty it reminded me of Andy Goldsworthy’s leaf series. We threw a few rocks and enjoyed some more damp wandering. I hope we can return and explore some more of the trails in the future.




One thought on “Banshee Reeks

  1. Michelle T

    Yum! if you were here in Ann Arbor, we would take you to taste cider at some of the cider mills they have here. We enjoyed your “banshee reeks” day. You are spot on about westerners calling Goose Creek a river – Greg said that Goose Creek is definitely a river, and if it were a creek, it would be called a crik. 🙂


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