Haunted Houses


Yesterday The kids and I made haunted houses. I cut a bunch of windows in black construction paper. I used one square sheet for the bottom of the house, another cut at a jagged pitch for the roof, and then shaped the scraps into extra towers.

Using glue sticks the kids assembled the houses and towers on another sheet of construction paper.


The idea after that was for them to add in ghosts and monsters hiding behind all the windows and doors. Reuben added a few, my favorite being in his words a “ghost bunny.” It is a head with two long ears.


Miriam decided she didn’t want any ghosts in her house, despite her current obsession with the book Georgie and the Robbers. Instead she covered her house with friendly pumpkins.


I kind of want to fill in ghosts in her windows for the fun of it though I know she’d be outraged if she caught me. On the other hand, I don’t really want to go to the trouble of making my own…or do I?

3 thoughts on “Haunted Houses

  1. Jennifer

    Very fun idea. Grandpa Buzz loved Halloween, too. I wish you would do a house, because I would like to see what sort of monsters would be behind the shutters. Well, maybe not, since I am reading Caliban’s War and I can almost imagine the sort of scary monsters you could draw.


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