The story at our house is that once there’s a chill in the air, the ghosts come out. To keep them at bay you need to set out a jack-o-lantern. R takes his ghost warding very seriously, so today we made our first jack-o-lantern.

This is a great story because

1 It removes the fear and anxiety of ghosts for the other nine months of the year

2 provides a clear and actionable ghost deterrent plan.

This has been very useful for an imaginative and somewhat anxiety prone child that lives around the corner from a sizable old graveyard.

As we did when I was growing up, we follow the procedure in which the kid draws the design and the adult faithfully cuts (aka hacks away like a bad horror movie) the pattern the kid drew. It’s a good deal. There’s no pressure to be perfect and a lot of times the faces the kids draw are absolutely hilarious. R actually drew five eyes but I got tired of hacking, so I owe him.  I told him my hand was tired and maybe we could cut more eyes tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Jack-o-lantern

  1. Jennifer

    What a great idea to reassure Reuben. Where did you come up with that idea? Classic jack o’lantern, love the face!


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