On My Desk(top)

Happy October. Tonight I started working on this little black cat as a warm up. Then A came home and started talking politics and got me all distracted so I kept working on it while we discussed candidates.

Little Black Cat is R’s imaginary friend. She is one year old, has black fur and purple eyes, and can run very fast. I hear at least three Little Black Cat stories a day. I think she might be R’s daemon. He gets very angry if you call her a him, she is a girl cat!

I’m trying to decide if I should polish her up and make her into a finished picture for Halloween. Any suggestions for what she could be doing or where she could be?

4 thoughts on “On My Desk(top)

  1. Joan

    She looks like she’s perched on top of something. Reuben’s head? A pumpkin? (Not that they have anything to do with one another.) Does Reuben thinks it looks like his friend?

    1. kmeldauc Post author

      Yeah, I use that board for all kinds of reference material. After I pinned all those cats it occurred to me that it might have looked like I’d snapped and morphed into one seriously crazy cat lady.

  2. Jennifer

    I would love the little black cat, if she acted as sweet as she looks. In Reuben stories, she sounds sort of scary and intense.


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