IF Crooked

The illustration friday topic for this week is “crooked.” It made me think of R who has just started preschool. Every morning he dresses neatly in his uniform. Every day he returns untucked and with his collar crooked, usually half unfolded, never fully turned up, just half. How does that happen?

The last couple days he’s returned covered in white dust. It looks like he tried to wrestle a giant flour bag and lost. I asked him what he did at school and he told me they put up a chalk drawing station. I guess I should be glad they haven’t yet pulled the paint out. When I asked R if he does anything at school besides draw with chalk, he looked thoughtful then said, sometimes I draw with chalk with people.

The kid has drawing on the brain. Last night he was put in bed and told to go to sleep. He matter of factly said, “No. I am going to stay up all night drawing.” I couldn’t say too much without being a hypocrite since that was my own plan. I was hoping it was an idle threat but he and his sister were still up at 12:30. He had filled a yellow legal pad with his work. On the plus side, I was able to get this little drawing made because the kids slept in this morning.


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