Monster Baby Revealed

Thanks to everyone for the guesses. They were fun to see. We were very curious to find out if there will be more girls or boys in our family. Up to now, we’ve been enjoying the relative equilibrium.


While Reuben was at school, Miriam was dragged along to the sonogram because everyone else wanted to go. M let us know she was less than thrilled to spend her day in a darkened doctor’s office. When they started the sonogram she started asking questions. I tried to gently break the news that there was a new baby. Miriam’s expression immediately darkened and she yelled, “NOOO! There is NO baby!! NOO baby!”

Aaron tried to calm her down. But Miriam remained adamant that there was not and should not be any new baby. Trying to distract her from her ranting, Aaron asked her, “Miriam do you think the baby is a girl baby or a boy baby?”

Miriam declared, “No. There is no girl baby or boy baby. It is a MONSTER BABY!”

At least she’s started admitting there is a baby? So that’s progress. Maybe.

But you good people want to know if you won yourself a candy bar. According to the sonogram, we will be having a BOY mid-February. And despite what Miriam thinks, the baby does not appear to be a monster but is a well formed and extremely active little human. So active all the sonogram pictures they printed out look a bit blurred. This baby was rolling and kicking and wiggling all over the place. Which makes me think he’ll fit in pretty well with his siblings.

In case you are wondering, you can see the profile of the baby’s head on the right and his little round belly.

4 thoughts on “Monster Baby Revealed

  1. Amy Meldau

    Sooooo Exciting! Another little boy! And we used to call Robby cookie monster, so… Maybe Miri is on to something! I think she’s one girl who will do just great right in the middle of two brothers! 🙂

  2. Michelle

    Congratulations, boys are so fun! H keeps asking/confirming with us that we are done. Strongly hinting that 4 kids really is enough!


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