Picturing the Hobbit

After we listened to The Hobbit audiobook in the car together, the kids – okay all of us- have become really taken by the story. I have come across R or M retelling their favorite parts to each other, usually something with the scary Goblins or Smaug or Giant Spiders or Gandalf’s fireworks.

I dug out our hardbound copy of The Hobbit with illustrations by Tolkien. R has taken ownership of the book. He drags it around and requests different sections be read at story time at night.

Both R and M love the maps and illustrations. I’ve found each of them studying the routes and forests and mountains attentively. They like to explain where everything in the story happened. From the time they devote to each illustration I find myself wishing there were more pictures they could look at.

I think the world needs a really great picture of Beorn. I love Beorn. I might need to do something about that.

Until then, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures Sam Bosma has made for The Hobbit at the Picture Book Report. I like them so much I want to buy a print for M and R for Christmas if they’re still into The Hobbit around then. Take a look! – click here I’m thinking the Eagles or Bilbo and Gollum for R and the Rivendale picture for M.

While you are at The Picture Book Report you should look at the other illustrations because they are awesome. I particularly love Kali Ceismer’s illustrations for Sabriel, another book that’s way too much fun to read. I’ve always thought Sabriel would make The Best Halloween costume. Too bad no one would know who I was trying to be.

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